MA’AN Authority
Together We Are Good

MA'AN Authority
Together We Are Good

Seven Media worked with the Ma’an Authority to launch a first-of-its-kind campaign, Together We Are Good (TWAG), in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. With an aim to inspire, engage and serve Abu Dhabi’s communities during an uncertain time, TWAG worked with partners to collect financial, in-kind, and volunteer contributions, which were channelled to members of the community who needed them most.

Seven executed an integrated strategy, which played a crucial role in the campaign’s success. By leveraging a comprehensive approach, we were able to maximise impact and reach across various channels and platforms. Our strategy seamlessly combined social media outreach, traditional media coverage, influencer partnerships, and community engagement initiatives to ensure the campaign message resonated with diverse audiences and stakeholders, to generate donations.

TWAG was a turning point across the capital, showing exactly what can be achieved when we work together. Within 24 hours of launching, the programme received AED 45m in contributions, more than 1,000 meals donated, 210 people registered to volunteer and 42 in-kind donations received including apartment buildings, hotel rooms, villas, and furniture. The campaign, which was recognised at the 2021 PRCA awards as ‘Best Integrated Campaign’, generated:

   AED 1bn total estimated campaign value

    AED 439m raised in financial contributions

    400k+ people directly benefited from educational assistance, medical supplies, food, and basic needs

   30k+ contributions (financial and in-kind)

   6.5k+ volunteer supporters

   2,877 pieces of coverage

   3m+ OTS (Opportunities to See)


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