Through the eye of the storm

Seven Media - Through the eye of the storm
Author: Neenu Sajin

To say that 2020 has been a year of uncertainties would be an extreme understatement. Plans were trashed, budgets were slashed, and strategies were modified over the course of this mind-boggling year. Companies across all industries improvised their game to fight for survival and ride the “pandemic” and the varied implications it brought with it. Consumer behaviours shifted, and the brands that observed, plunged in to rake the benefits while the others folded in confused dismay. From our vantage point, we watched the changing attitudes and careful projections from our clients with respect to where they should pay attention on, and what to apply the big bucks on. And with conviction, we can confirm that social media has consistently been on the top of everyone’s game plan.

Why? Because the foot falls and eyeballs never ceased in the social sphere. During lockdown, people embraced social media like never before. TikTok downloads more than doubled, while online shopping reached massive peaks. Coupled by social media platform’s e-commerce features (Instagram Shop, for instance), small to medium businesses found strong foothold to reach and sell to their audience without physical investments. With ordering-in being the only source of culinary enjoyment, casual as well as fine-dining restaurants improvised to reach customers at their home applying Chat Food and other social features to make direct ordering easy. Just like that, social media and online channels became the only plausible means to reach the customer and the icing on the cake – the customers were listening like never before.

Here at Seven Media, we kept tracking the pixels to analyse consumer behavior on our clients’ websites – what they spent their time on and what they put their money on. We used this information to serve them carefully customised ads and content. We created engagement campaigns that was laced with compassion to support our community during these challenging times. We conducted social scans and market researches to capture the hidden conversation and nudge our clients in the right direction. We stepped out of and away from comfort zones as we transitioned across specialisations to support each other learn, apply and thrive. And now, as the year is gradually coming to a close, we are equipped with a team that has driven through the eye of the storm with strong experience and remarkable insights in their pockets.

So yes, 2020 has been a year of uncertainty. But here at Seven, we have a knack in dealing uncertainties, turning it into our favour and making the most out of it. And we are already thrilled about 2021. Hop on the ride!