Here’s How You Can Build Your Brand Image Using Social Media

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Building a loyal customer base and gaining the trust of and appealing to new customers can be a daunting task; one that requires a lot of investment. In this digital age, social media has become an integral part of digital marketing. Not only is it more real-time but is also more effective when it comes to communicating and developing a bond with end-users.

Social media platforms allow businesses to reach millions of customers worldwide and if social media marketing is not a part of your branding strategy, then, trust us, you are missing out on an incredible marketing opportunity. We’ve put together an easy guide on how you can build your brand image by simply using social media…correctly.

1. Solid social media strategy

When you decide to set up your accounts on the various social media platforms, the first thing you must consider is your objective. Is it brand awareness? Is it lead generation? Or is it for customer service? Once you’ve established your key objective, build your social media strategy around it. Having said this, be conscious and true to your product and service. Not all businesses need to have an account on every social media platform. Some can work great on Instagram and TikTok, some can do exceptionally well on LinkedIn, while some do great on all.

2. Relevant content

If you’re not relevant, your audience will lose interest in your business. Stay updated, get on the new trends if you have to, and always look at your audience and give them the content that they want to see. Insights on social media platforms will give you a detailed analysis on who your audience is, what is the content they like to engage with, what time and day are they most active at, and, of course, an average age group and their demographics. Utilise all of this information and incorporate this understanding in creating your monthly social media plans.

3. Paid spends

Given the kind of reach social media platforms have, paid spends or social media advertising is one strategy that will yield consistent ROI from day one. Target your audience, set a budget, define a time frame, pick out eye-catching visuals that represent your business, and you’re good to go. In no time, will you start seeing results, be it brand awareness, rise in sales, and lead generation.

4. It’s all about the visual elements

How easy would it have been if a business could post the same piece of content on all platforms, right? This is a mistake a lot of businesses often make. However, before you decide to do this, consider tweaking the content according to the platform. Could long-form captions work on Facebook and LinkedIn? Sure, they do but will the same work on Instagram or Twitter even? Put out fun, interactive, and engaging videos and images on your social media platforms – this definitely grabs one too many eyeballs.

5. Engage with your audience

It’s always good to be spontaneous while responding to customer queries and comments. Businesses don’t stress on this enough but community management is essential in building trust and engaging with their audience. Timely response shows that you care and also make brands more human and reliable.

6. Brand voice

In a world where there is a lot of awareness on various world issues, be it social or political, it is always great for businesses to have a voice; to show their stand. This will help customers identify a business that they would want to engage with and will also build a sense of trust. We’d say, as a business, don’t shy away from putting out your opinion on a world issue because users appreciate businesses that have a spine and show that they care.

While these are some of the basic yet key points that businesses must keep in mind before devising their social media strategy, the social media space is dynamic and ever-evolving. Keep up with the times and ace the social media game!