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The use of social media in the Middle East – what’s the best platform?

Two of Seven’s more experienced (older) PR professionals have been in the UK to get to grips with social media through a series of training sessions […]

When WWE came to KSA…

Global sports entertainment behemoth WWE recently descended on Saudi Arabia, and Seven was front and centre of the media and PR campaign for this incredible event. […]

PR at 30,000 feet

By Gregg Fray, Co-Owner People often talk about ‘work-life balance’. The notion of working hard from 9-5 then switching off completely is appealing in theory, but […]

Football PR: A Global Game

The end of the football season put Seven right in the middle of some major global sporting stories – combining live and reactive social media with […]
Coca-Cola Arena Dubai – a powerful integrated PR and social media launch campaign

Coca-Cola Arena Dubai – a powerful integrated PR and social media launch campaign

The launch of the incredible Coca-Cola Arena Dubai is the perfect example of a modern PR campaign that ticks all the boxes when it comes to […]

Know Your Audience!

The rise of digital and the decline of print media is nothing new – but the effect it is having on the GCC media landscape is […]
Seven Media - Sheikh Zayed Bridge lit up to mark Special Olympics 50th anniversary

Abu Dhabi’s famous landmarks light up red for the Special Olympics 50th anniversary

This is a project very close to our hearts and we are so proud to see Abu Dhabi’s major landmarks such as Emirates Palace, Sheikh Zayed […]
Seven Media - experts in sports PR in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Sport can mean so much to so many

In the last month sport has taken the spotlight at Seven with our PR and social media campaigns touching hundreds of thousands of participants and fans. […]
Seven Media - 10 years of UAE PR

10 years of comms in the UAE

It’s impossible to avoid the cliché that during the last 10 years, the communications industry in the UAE, and indeed, in the wider region has undergone […]