How Video Production In The UAE Truly Cut Its Teeth Over The Last 12 Months

Video Production
Author: Gregg Fray

Seven Media has always seen the huge benefits of building a video production into campaigns as a way of conveying motion and influencing action in a way print simply can’t do.

Our in-house video production company – Seven Studios – was launched to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing media landscape. We saw the need to own the type of content which can be served directly to audiences through social media and enjoys 12 times more shares than print and text combined.

But around a year ago a challenge arose: how would video production be able to continue when the world started shutting down?

Traditional productions with several crew couldn’t take place as easily as before, so we suddenly had to adapt. We had to be smart about how to capture the filmed content that has so much impact.

Learning how to execute remote productions was the first step. Asking clients to shoot clips with mobile phones and instructions on lighting, capturing interviews via Zoom and shooting solo instead of with a crew became the norm.

With Seven Studios’ excellent editors, we were able to produce some impressive content in these challenging times. The team produced around 500 videos for clients between the start of the first lockdown of the UAE due to Covid-19 and the end of 2020.

What this did for us and our clients was added strength to content development capabilities because in the future we will be able to be more flexible.

Now in March 2021, we have more tools at our disposal to create simple productions. And because they are effective it became normal, so see – on major TV networks as well as and digital channels – segments of people speaking into their mobile camera or on Zoom.

It has taught the world that maybe you don’t always need a high-end production to get a story across effectively.

While 2020 was a massive challenge, video production once again emerged triumphant. And now the world is almost back to normal we have a stronger proposition than ever to create multimedia content.