As the most innovative PR agency in the Middle East, we’ve made social and digital media fundamental to our integrated approach. We are now recognised as market leaders in both social media strategy, content creation, and execution.

Our 22 in-house professionals run the biggest and best social media campaigns in the region, with extra resource available to bolster creative projects.

Coming from an integrated PR background, we are storytellers at heart. We believe that social media is not just about pushing out content for contents sake, but about telling a brand’s story. We don’t just grow a following, we nurture an audience that is connected, engaged and invested in your brand.

We have worked with clients including Yas Island, Image Nation Abu Dhabi, Green Planet and Westin Hotels, incorporating social media into the broader PR spectrum. We are also at the heart of digitally-exclusive campaigns for Manchester City FC, Nando’s, Marriott International and Cinépolis, tailoring the story to a global and regional audience.

We are considered one of the best social media agencies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

what we do


Day-to-day content is important, but the big creative ideas are what achieve cut-through in the cluttered social media market.

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The one-size-fits-all approach no longer applies to social media. The content must stand-out, be channel centric, and target a specific audience.

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We use influencers as partners, working with them to achieve the best possible outcomes for all parties. We pride ourselves on our influencer relationships, ensuring they are the perfect fit for your brand.

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Social media advertising has become much more than just boosting a post. It now requires a highly technical approach. We use the latest insights and algorithms to identify and apply the right content for the right audience, ensuring the optimum outcome.

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Our sister company, Seven Studios, is a fully-fledged video production house with social media editing specialists ensuring our multimedia content stands out from the crowd.

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Seven has devised a truly groundbreaking way of telling a story in the modern media world setting world-class communication standards and delivering results that make a difference.

Social media strategy on a local, regional and global scale for clients including Marriott MENA and Nando’s UAE.

Leaders in developing the nuanced content and outreach strategy demanded by major Government entities including the Department of Community Development Abu Dhabi.

Proven record of achieving cut-through and engagement in the cluttered lifestyle sector for clients including Lapita Hotel, Marriott International, and Cinépolis.

Successful in developing engaging visual content and an outreach strategy that targets specific audiences for major sports franchises including Manchester City FC.

Pioneers in incorporating visual multimedia content into digital campaigns for clients including GEMS Education and Abu Dhabi Education Council.