4 Steps To The Perfect F&B Launch Plan

F&B Launch Plan
Author: Neenu Sajin

The biggest misconception when it comes to planning for the F&B industry is the assumption that one style fits all. From fine-dining, casual to fine-casual, the segments are varied and well defined, with each category owning a specific set of audience. These audiences differ in their approach to dining out, consumption of content, and style of engagement. Therefore, it is only logical to have a distinct launch plan for every F&B client aptly customized to their target audience.

Step 1 thus, is to define the audience geographically, demographically, and behavior-wise. Who are we reaching out to? What is their persona? What do they like and where are they from?

This definition in turn leads us to step 2- finalizing the platforms of choice. Where can we find our ideal audience? Where do they engage and spend time the most? Consider regional stats and analysis to zero in on the playfield, whether it’s TikTok, IG, Facebook, or even Snapchat.

The platform brings us to the question of content. Instagram is massively visual in nature – static and video. With a series of formats to play around with, we get to explore reels, stories, carousels, and more. The penetration of TikTok and Snapchat has been so high that we advise every client to think vertical and mobile-first. Because if your content is not phone-friendly, it is not likely to be consumed. Backup your visual content with a tone of voice, catchy to your audience reflected in the captions and community management, and we have step 3 complete.

Final step? Paid support. With the massive amount of content across every platform fighting for the audience’s attention, it is crucial to give your brand a boost with paid ads. The time, effort, and money invested in content creation cannot be justified by relying on organic reach alone. This result becomes over 3 times better when supported by boosts and targeted ads. New exposure is equal to a new audience, which converts to new followers and potential customers.

So is there a one-size-plan for the perfect F&B launch? Not per say, but these 4 steps give you the basic framework to follow. If you are unsure how to dive deeper into the action, well, that’s what we are here for. Reach out to us and let’s give your brand the launch it deserves!